[Two transcribed telephone conversations]:-

In March 1996 the plaintiff spoke with Svein Jensen, policeman at the Mjøndalen Police Station:-

SJ. - Jensen
F. - Right, Mr. Jensen, it’s Mr. [X].
SJ. - Hi!
F. -Yeah, hi there. I had these newspaper articles translated, Drammens Tidende, and Verdens Gang. I had them translated last week and in it I read that I’ve threatened to kill Heidi Schøne's nine year old son, that I’ve threatened to kill her neighbours unless they give me Heidi Schøne's address, that I’ve written 400 obscene letters and made obscene phone calls and that my mother wanted to put me in a mental hospital. It’s rubbish all this and I obviously think this is dreadful stuff to print about me and I was wondering if you have any evidence for any of this apart from Heidi Schøne's word.
SJ. - No, there is nothing other than … her word.

[and later]:-

F. - Yeah … you don’t believe her do you?
SJ. - No, I don’t think I do.
F. - Oh good, thank God for that because … have you got even any of her letters that I wrote to her?
SJ. - I’m not sure. The case is with another person who is with us [Policewoman Torill Sorte]… but there are some letters you wrote to the neighbours and things like that.
F. - The stuff I wrote to you in my long report … have you been able to check any of the things to make sure you believe me?
SJ. - No, but there are so much in the case from how she tells us so that I don’t trust her so very much …………


In April 1996 the plaintiff phoned Henrik Dugstad a senior Police Officer at Bergen Police Station:-

F. - Hello, good morning, is Henrik Dugstad in please?

Answer - Yes, just a minute.

HD. - Dugstad.
F. -Yes, hi there Henrik, it’s Mr [X]. You may remember me from 1990 and a woman called Heidi Overaa ......
The thing is you see, Henrik … when I left you in Bergen in 1990, I went back to see this girl in Drammen in the summer … and we made peace...... She’s now married to a Christian guy who I think is an exorcist; you know he takes the demons away from … she actually was exorcised from the devil by her neighbours. But anyway a big story in the newspapers last May … did you see the story?
HD. - No, no. I just read the local newspaper in Bergen. Bergens Tidende.
F. - Accusing me. The thing [the Drammen police] have written to your police station for is because there were some letters that I wrote to Mr. & Mrs. Johannessen as well as Mr. & Mrs. Overaa in 1986 telling them that [Heidi Overaa now Heidi Schøne] was sleeping with someone taking heroin and apparently Heidi is saying that these letters contain threats to kill her son. Now I’ve never made any threats to kill her son and she has said in the newspaper that I have threatened to kill her neighbours if they didn’t give me her address and that I’ve made hundreds of obscene …
HD. - That’s nonsense I believe.
F. - Yeah … and that I’ve made hundreds of obscene phone calls and that I have written 400 obscene letters....