The story...
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Sent: 28 September 2007 03:04:57
To: [email protected]

Dear Frederick,

I have read quite a lot of your story regarding HS.

There is no doubt in my mind, based on your taped conversations that you have
experienced grave injustice. Mainly from norwegian newspapers and PFU, but
also from HS and the embarrassing fact that norwegian officials and law
enforcement officers hardly speak english.

That said, I am supprised that you are so harsh regarding Toril. From what I
read, she is the only person that understands you? Did she do something
wrong regarding your case after what is referred to in the page mentioned
above? (and PLEASE do not send me everything you have. I understand it is
quite a lot...)

why have you not pressed civil charges against the newspapers or PFU? It
seems obvious that they either have made up large parts of your story based
on bad oral translation OR relied on lies from their source? In either way
they (or HS) are doing to you exactly what they claim you to to HS: "Invade
the sovereignty of your privacy" / "bring shame on your good name" (or
whatever it translates to in english). Not mainly because they wrote false
articles (in witch they did not name you), but because PFU have done a
dreadful job in gathering facts (if they tried at all) to decide your

It should be perfectly simple to find out wether you have been admitted to
some treatment or not, and if you have actually threatened to kill anyone.
Their failure to do so would only strenghten the suspicion that things have
gone wrong since the alleged letter in witch you are supposed to have
threatened HS's son got "lost" in Bergen.

The most disturbing thing is that PFU not only rules in favour of the
newspapers, but that they reclaim that you are a mentally disturbed
individual that is not given the right to have your side of the story heard
to "protect yourself for your own good". To me, the newspapers claim you have
sent HS 400 letters. Based on this again, you are "sexually ill" in some
way. Based on this ... aso.

If there is no mental illness of relevance to the matter, this is infinitely
more worrying than the wrong doings of HS in the past or the fact that you
are not able to forgive HS for her wrongdoings (not that i blame you. I know
how disturbing it is when someone never askes for forgiveness but recieves
it from God / Jesus etc instead).

Your webpages
I have no idea why you do not focus on the simple matter of HS. Every other
article on your pages are (as you probably know) highly offensive to most
people, -giving them perfect excuse to regard you as insane (much more
convenient than to believe you). Personally I think it is wrong of you not
to separate your views rooted in your religion that collide with "common
norwegian sence", and your views (truths) regarding your experience with the
norwegian legal system, newspapers and PFU.

If you do not see that comparing people with pigs and claiming that most
people are maniac idiots killing unborn children and fucking around on drugs
ruins your case as a serious bringer of truth, you might very well be
completely insane. (You would still be right about your claims regarding HS,
PFU and newspapers, but noone will ever listen to you...).
If you REALLY most of all are interrested in being believed regarding HS,
you could simply try to look beyond the fact that we are not all Muslims.

You have the tapes from page mentioned above still? They must be a
completely devastating blow if accepted in a court of law (but they probably
will not. I assume they are made without concent...).
They might also serve you justice if you redesigned your pages, removed the
"general hatred" to everyone (and norwegians in particular), and simply put
up the transcripts of your conversations with Toril and the other law
enforcement officers / lawyers aso alongside digitallized mp3 files. Torils
statements alone, not to mention the obvious confusion rising every time you
speak to a new office, pretty much clears your name in telling you what can
be proven, what is lies and what is error thanks to poor language skills and
BUREAUCRACY (the one thing that all norwegians understand and relate
directly to problems and injustice).
And if you maintain you "hatredpages" I dont blame you for one secound. You
have the right to say what you wish in my book. Even if I disagree.

Finally, I would like to offer my deepest sympathy and support regarding the
HS-case. I wish this wrongdoing undone and I am embarrased that my
countrymen does not serve you justice and are generally complete morons
(provided you are not manipulating transcripts from your conversations of

Hope you find peace somehow. You deserve it!


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Oh my god...
From: l******s m********r
Sent: 28 September 2007 08:02:39
To: [email protected]

Dear Frederick,

I found what I missed earlier (i googled keywords regarding an article in since the norwegian search-engine "kvasir" did not give many
results). First I only found fragments of your story, but realize now that
the whole thing is on your "hatepages".

No wonder you hate us...

I dont know what to say. You probably had no Idea who Tor Erling Staff is,
what position Faremo used to have, aso. You should have had someone by your
side all the way to ensure you got correct advice enabling you to maneuver
our corrupt labyrinth of bureaucracy.

I hereby declare my unconditional support of you regarding the HS case.
(still doesnt mean we are all killer maniacs on drugs ;). I can only in my
wildest dreams imagine what you have had to fight over the past years, and I
guess I as a norwegian is "supposed" to be amazed that you have taken all
this so far. Usually we just bend over and take it up the ass when the
mighty troll turns his ugly head our way.

I am lost for words as to your taped conversations (witch I now know to
exist for a fact). Still corruption is clearest to me in the PFU / Elden
case (Faremo), but the policewomen lying under oath and the writer that
claims you accused her of living in sin is really just ... mindboggling...
-where does this end? Does it end?
I for one have never been brave enough to tape conversations with officials
displaying the same kind of behaviour as your villains, but you actually
give me hope. Instead of fleeing this god forsaken country I might start my
own wars from now...

Thank you!

Still hope you find peace, truth and justice. Change the layout of your
page, and we will all follow eventually :)

(same... -and I know you respect people enough to erase my email from header
when / if referencing this)

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