Ingunn Røren

Her reputation lies in ruins. An accomplice to evil and disgrace. It took 3 years of vigilance for this journalist's lies to be conclusively exposed and presented to a Court of law in criminal proceedings in Norway.

Ms Røren's perverted conduct is a permanent stain on Norwegian journalism.

Her entrapment is a salutary lesson to journalists with anti-Semitic agendas. On 15th October 2003 at the Drammen City Court (Court of Appeal) Ingunn Røren in cross-examination admitted that in putting the words 'Psychiatrists believe the Englishman suffers from an extreme case of erotic paranoia' in her 14th July 1998 article, she didn't even know what 'erotic paranoia' meant at the time, but she just lifted the words from Verdens Gang's earlier article.