It was about time I challenged Torill Sorte over her shameful comments in the press in the winter of 2005/6. I had held off doing this as I had been hoping that the Minister of Justice in Norway would investigate her, but that hope was evidently a false one.

I had looked up on the internet the telephone number for the Oslo Police Headquarters and eventually on Monday 12th February 2007 I phoned them :-

A policewoman answered.

F : Hi there, good afternoon. I am ringing from England . I am a lawyer and I just wanted to find out which police station Torill Sorte, a lady called Torill Sorte …..

Policewoman : Yeah…..

F : .. is working at …

Policewoman : She is working here at the office in the Union .

F : In the Union ?

Policewoman : Yeah… she is a police officer but she has another job – temporary.

F : So… she's still a policewoman is she?

Policewoman : Yeah she is.

F : She hasn't been sacked?

Policewoman : No, … I don't know what the exact word for it …. She has …. What do you call it in English? Temporary as another … she's chosen at work here in Union .

F : What, the police Union ?

Policewoman : Yeah. Do you want to talk to her?

F : I do, yes.

Policewoman : Yeah, one moment.

And she puts me through. But there was no answer.

Policewoman : Er.. she is not at the office right now. Do you want to have her cell line number?

F : Yeah, that's fine thank you.

Policewoman : Yeah. It's 00 47 for Norway . And it's 45 29 77 72.

F : So, I mean, do you think she will be in later today?

Policewoman : Yeah, probably she will.

F : OK, so I can phone you maybe a little later?

Policewoman : Yeah.

F : And, OK that's good.

Policewoman : Yep.

F : Thank you very much.

Policewoman : You're welcome

F : Bye bye.

Policewoman : Bye.

About an hour later I called again, was put through, but no answer came from Torill Sorte's phone.

I tried again three days later on Thursday 15th February 2007 :-

A policewoman answered.

F : Hi good afternoon, um, I am ringing from England trying to speak to Torill Sorte, please.

Policewoman : Er, yeah, she's not here.

F : Where is she today then, do you know?

Policewoman : No, I don't know.

F : When will she be back?

Policewoman : I really do not know, I am sorry. I've ….. I don't really want to give you any information about her.

F : OK. Well, I guess you know who is speaking. It's Mr [D] the lawyer from England and I have got a little bit to speak to her about these newspaper comments she made last year. So it is about time I spoke to her. So I think I better speak to her commanding officer please.

Policewoman : Er….. there is no commanding officer here.

F : Well, who is in charge, who's in charge ….

Policewoman : I am sorry, just hold on a minute….

She put me on hold and then returned to speak to me.

Policewoman : Hello?

F : Yes hi there.

Policewoman : Yes I will put you through to my boss. One moment.

F : OK

A policeman answered.

F : Yes, hi, good afternoon. My name is Mr [D] , a lawyer here in England . Obviously well known to you in relation to the police officer Torill Sorte and the other matters that you have been doing to me over the years. Now I understand she is working at your police station.

Policeman : Yeah …. er, what did you call the girl, you said?

F : Torill Sorte

Policeman : She is not working with us.

F : Well I was told that she was a couple [“of days ago”, I was about to add]

Policeman : She moved.

F : Yeah? And where to?

Policeman : Er, it's a small police station on the west coast that's called Lensmanskontroller Igulen.

F : Oh, have you got the phone number?

Policeman : No. Could you find it on the internet?

F : So…. How do you spell the town that she's in?

Policeman : Excuse me, I have a higher police officer coming in so I have to speak to him, alright.

And he put the phone down.

So I phoned the Police Headquarters again. The same policewoman as before answered.

F : Hi, good afternoon. Well it's Mr [D] here again. You put me through a minute ago but your chap put the phone down on me.

 Policewoman : OK

F : So, I have to speak to someone who has got the good manners to have a conversation, because I have got something else to have a little chat about. About why you are not co operating with Interpol over the newspaper article that Torill Sorte ‘wrote' last year.

Policewoman : I really don't have anything to say about that and I won't put you through to her so er, stop, just stop calling her.

F : Well, I er ….

Policewoman : I don't have anything else to say.

F : Well I want to speak to …..

Policewoman : Goodbye Mr …..

F : ….. I want to speak to her superior officer.

But she had already put the phone down on me.

I then phoned Torill Sorte's old police station in Nedre Eiker near Drammen and they confirmed that she had left for Oslo Headquarters two years earlier.

On Sunday 18 th March 2007, I phoned Torill Sorte on her mobile phone, and it went like this :-

Sorte : Torill

F: Yes, hi Torill it's [........ ...........] here

Sorte : I don't want …… hello?

F: Yes… it's about time I had a word with you about, your er, newspaper comments isn't it?

Sorte: I don't think I have something to talk to you about.

F: Well, I certainly have something to talk to you about. Just because ….

Sorte: Yes, then you have to write to me. I don't talk to you at the phone.

F: Write to you?

Sorte: You have to write a letter to me.

F: You're not going to reply. You ….. you …

Sorte: Yes…. Send it to Nedre Eiker Lensmankontrol and I will get it there…I do not want to talk to you.

F: Well that's not surprising is it, because writing [about me that I am allegedly] “obviously mentally disturbed” in the newspapers because you've lied, er, about all this mental hospital rubbish….

Sorte: Sorry but I don't want to talk to you. If you want to talk to me you have to read [she meant “write”], because I don't not want to talk to you.

F: Well you didn't even talk to me in court. You lied in court again, you know…

Sorte: Bye bye.

And she put the phone down. So I called her straight back. The phone rang three times.

Sorte: Hello

F: Yeah, so why don't you want to talk over the phone?

Sorte: Well I ….

F: Got something to hide have you?

Sorte: If you call me one more time, I will go to the police ok?

F: Oh big deal. And what the hell are they going to do?

Sorte: Bye bye….

F: ….. Nothing.

Again she had put the phone down. So I called straight back, only to get Torill Sorte's voicemail message (in Norwegian of course). I did not leave a message. I tried calling her again on the evening of the 20th March 2007 but once more her voicemail facility came on.