F. I don't know why you put that because, er…. First of all …First of all… Do you admit you have lied about “two years” in a mental hospital?

M.O. No, I wrote up the website on the 20th December that a police officer said so and in the wording …

F. And you believe her do you?

M.O. It came from a police officer explaining, er, it went, I think, but it's er….

F. No, did you speak to Torill Sorte to ascertain your facts?

M.O. But I spoke to her, yeah of course. You have been harassing her as well haven't you?

F. No. I've not been harassing her. I've just been questioning her. O.K. She's been harassing me, by saying that I've been in a mental hospital. Or my mother wanted to put me [in one], or I have been [in one]. Now where do you get the two years from?

M.O. I just told you that the sourcing on the website is, er, a Norwegian police officer.

F. So Torill Sorte is the source for the two years, yeah?

M.O. Yes and um, on the bottom of my first story it says, “P.S.!! Also a police woman who led the investigation of the Brit is now being harassed by name on his website.”

F. Well it's not “harassing” - it's a right to reply. Do you not understand? I mean, you're a journalist. Obviously my point is that you are a second-rate nothing. You wouldn't get a job in a British newspaper in a million years. Because….




F. Well, no other country on earth would be so perverse and bigoted as to get their own back….Isn't it some kind of criminal offence to insult Norway by printing the truth about their … certain institutions? That's what it's all about.

M.O. I don't think so.

F. Oh, just because the “Muslim man” hit back and put something up [on a website].

M.O. I don't think this is about you being a Muslim, sir.

F. Well to me the association…..so why every time print [the word] “Muslim”? Why every time print that? And also there's one article that says I'm….Torill Sorte printing in Eiker Bladet that I am “clearly mentally unstable.”

M.O. Torill Sorte the policewomen says that you are mentally unstable?

F. Yeah… “clearly mentally unstable” is the quote.

M.O. She was the person who investigated the case against you. She was the lead investigator.

F. Oh yeah, top woman! Yeah, fantastic investigative policewoman!

M.O. Where did she have that thought from [that I was “clearly mentally unstable”]?

F. ‘Cos she's nuts. Anyone who say's that I've been two years in a mental hospital when I haven't is clearly a spiteful vindictive bitch and I've told her [as much]. In fact I phoned her up a few weeks ago. She didn't have the guts to speak to me. If it's not true that I've been in a mental hospital, then clearly she's a wicked liar. Agreed?

M.O. (Silence).

F. You can't even agree on that?

M.O. Of course I can. If she says you have been in a mental hospital and you have not been in a mental hospital, then she's lying…..

F. Yeah, exactly.

M.O. …..That's a no brainer.