On the 19th January 1998 I telephoned Deputy Police Chief Dag Einar Lyngås:-

F. Yes, hello, good morning, my name's Frederick.
DL. Yes.
F. Torill Sorte gave me your telephone number and told me that you have been dealing with this case.
DL. Yes.
F. I'm finding it quite hard to get some evidence about [that which has] been written in the newspapers and I was wondering if you could help me get it?
DL. What do want? You want the evidence?
F. Yes, these newspaper articles … …
DL. What articles are you talking about? In Norwegian paper?
F. Yes, that's right. In Bergens Tidende, Drammens Tidende and Verdens Gang, yeah.
DL. Today or …
F. No, no, no in 1995.
DL. Oh yeah …. I don't know er maybe it's in what you call the case have some copies of the articles but er …
F. Well it's just that I myself sent the articles to Torill Sorte … and there were some very serious allegations being made in those newspaper articles by Heidi.
DL. But I understand that you also now write letters to Heidi.
F. Oh yes, that's right. I want to know the answers to these serious allegations … threats to kill her son, … rape. I want the police evidence [regarding her allegation] that a Bergen shopkeeper also raped her ….threats to kill her neighbours, sexual harassment, all this sort of rubbish that was written in the newspapers that isn't true. And my reason for asking this is because there is no evidence that exists to indicate this and I myself want to take proceedings against her for perverting the course of justice. But the reason I've written angry letters to her is because no one is giving me the answers to these questions that I've been asking for years and obviously I show my disgust and hatred for this woman by telling her in writing. And I don't see what's wrong with that.
DL. Well the police in Norway want that you have to stop this writing to Heidi Schøne.
F. I'll stop writing once she tells me where the evidence is for threats she says I've made to kill her son. You see the police have had two years to look into this and I have had no answers and I obviously have to keep trying to get in touch with Heidi.
DL. Yes.
F. So that she explains it, because you see Torill Sorte said to me "You must do this the proper way". Well I've tried the proper way when I went to see Heidi in [February] 1990 - she makes up stories that I've made more threats and then I'm arrested so I can't even talk to her and when we were in the police station and the police officer asked me what can we do to resolve this case and I said, "Well let me sit down with you and Heidi- just the three of us- then I'll show to you that Heidi is a liar." The policeman came back to me and said, "Heidi doesn't want to talk to you." So she gets away with it every time. I must have her confronted with these allegations.
DL. If… you should …. You can't get this evidence from me, I don't know er … but if you want this articles from the newspaper you have to …
F. No, I do have them - I have the original newspapers myself.
F. But I've asked Torill Sorte to look into it but she hasn't come up with, you know, satisfactory answers at all and it's not good enough and I must have some one look into this for me.
DL. But you have to get a lawyer who can look at this. The Norwegian authorities we maybe will send this to the British authorities for, to, of what do you call it um …
F. For extradition?
DL. Yes to get a trial in England, or … …
F. A trial for what?
DL. Well, er, we mean you have threatened Heidi Schøne with your letters and things.
F. Yeah when?
DL. When? A lot times. You have send her several letters.
F. Threatening what?
DL. Threatening and what you call she can't talk I don't know the English word for it... er... you had disturb her private life, you understand that?
F. Of course I understand that but the thing is you see she's tried to ruin my life by saying I've attempted to rape her or even raped … I think it's rape now. I think she's changed her story to rape you see and that's why I have to have some answers because I believe Heidi is a very, very sick woman and I've tried to be reasonable for years about this. I've asked for the authorities in Norway to supply the evidence that she's gone to the police in the 80's saying that a Bergen shopkeeper had tried to rape her. She's told me her cousin was raped and killed. She's told me that tourists in Greece tried to rape her in 1981 and now I find myself the subject of an allegation of either attempted rape or rape. Now also she says I've threatened to kill her son in a letter and no one can find this letter. She says the Bergen police have this letter but they deny it. OK - I've never made such threats - never. She says I've threatened to kill her neighbours if they don't give me her secret addresses so I've asked which neighbours and for statements from the neighbours as to these allegations and nothing has come forward, you see … now I must have the answers to information that I'm entitled to and the reason I'm writing letters to her is to get this information.
DL. But the police in Norway not allow you to write to Heidi Schøne. We have all your letters at the police.
F. Yes, I know that, I know that.
DL. You have to stop this writing now or if not we have to send the case to the local authorities [I think he meant British authorities].
F. Yeah, well I've taken legal advice here in England as you probably know and I'll be most happy to attend any case. I even offered to go to Norway two years ago to Torill Sorte just to sit down with Heidi and sort this out.
DL. We don't want you to come to Norway. If you come to Norway we maybe going to arrest you and do the case in Norway.
F. Yeah, I thought so. So, Torill Sorte told me that you'd tried to get me over to Norway. You'd taken advice from the English authorities and they have said that they can do nothing to help you. Is that right? That there'll be no extradition, no trial, nothing. Is that right?
DL. Can you repeat that?
F. Torill Sorte … …
DL. Yes.
F. She told me that the authorities in Oslo have contacted the authorities in England and asked them whether I can be sent to Norway. Yeah? Are you with me?
DL. Yes. I don't know nothing about that.
F. Oh.
DL. Because I haven't know the case for so long time.
F. OK. She says that the case is with someone in Oslo. Is that right?
DL. No, the case is with me now.
F. Oh, with you?
DL. Yes.
F. Oh. So how long have you had it?
DL. Three, four months.
F. And who had it in Oslo?
DL. Maybe one of the District Attorneys.
F. And what do he do?
DL. Send it back to me
F. Oh, God. So have you been trying to see if you can extradite me? Extradite me. Make me go to Norway.
DL. No, we don't want you to go to Norway.
F. For trial?
DL. No, we don't want you to come here at all.
F. For trial? Huh?
DL. No. We don't want you to come to Norway. A trial we want maybe send it to England or … …
F. So, do you actually read the letters I write?
DL. No, I haven't read all the letters you write.
F. Because they're asking basically the same thing, all of them: That I don't get treated like a complete idiot and you give me the answers [to the questions I'm putting] to the allegations that have been made against me in the newspapers and by Heidi to the police. Now it's very naughty of all of you to start saying I'm harassing her when you know perfectly well she's been in a psychiatric unit and has a very poor sexual history, when you know all I want is information as to … the allegations that have been made against me … obviously eventually I'm going to get so sick of it that I'm going to start getting some revenge. Because I'm not going to stand this stress on me and my mother reading this rubbish in the newspapers.
DL. But now you are threatening Schøne.
F. I'm threatening Schøne?
DL. Yes.
F. Who, Runar Schøne?
DL. Heidi, Heidi.
F. Threatening with that? I've just said to her … …
DL. You are aggressive. Have to take some step … …
F. Aggressive? I'm not aggressive? She's wicked. I must have answers to her allegations and I need to talk to her face to face. She avoids talking to me because she knows she can't deal with the answers. Now I've tried quietly to ring them up to talk sensibly about it and … …
DL. But she don't want to talk to you.
F. No, no, no obviously they don't want to talk to me because they're wicked deceitful liars and people who are like that they don't want to talk. I want some evidence. I want to talk to them. Now if you can't get the evidence then I will try. You can't supply the evidence that I've been trying for 2½ years to get so you know I have to try myself.DL. If you want to look at the evidence you have to go to a lawyer.
F. A lawyer. Yeah. That's right. I've been to a lawyer in Bergen but … he only mentioned the business of attempted rape. Now can you tell me please, because Heidi spoke again to Torill Sorte, what is the latest on this? Is it attempted rape or rape?
DL. I can't answer that because I haven't look at the paper.
F. OK, I'll phone you back this afternoon.
DL. Oh no! I can't do it today. You have to come back in two, three weeks.
F. Weeks?
DL. Yes.
F. Oh. Well that's another three weeks of stress for me isn't it?
DL. The thing is to leave the whole thing as it is now and stop writing these letters and stop calling the police, Heidi Schøne … …
F. Well obviously I can't do that because I want Heidi shown up to the world for the liar that she is. And if you think that she can just make allegations that are totally false … I mean, you amaze me. You know I'm trying to get evidence - which doesn't exist of course - that um … I'm trying to prove she's a liar as to these threats to kill the son, the neighbours, the rape and you are telling me to forget about it. It's just ludicrous. And I'm not going to because a woman like that is pure evil. She's your Norwegian blonde and I'm just the "worthless" Muslim. You know I've read the newspapers and fourteen times they mention "the Muslim man". I was better to Heidi than any man she's ever met. And if you'd read the letters that she's written to me then you can see that I have a point. I want all evidence surrounding Heidi … and I want her interviewed properly. Unless she's interviewed properly then I will continue to make public her past throughout the whole of Norway and I'll do it very big. You're gonna have a lot of people contacting you - you have to do something to get to the bottom of this.
DL. Well as I said to you…
F. Use a lawyer, yeah. I will use a lawyer, but will the lawyer be able to get the answers to these questions? Will the lawyer be able to interview Heidi herself?
DL. No, the Police will interview Heidi, if necessary.
F. "If necessary". That's right - that's the problem - "if necessary" you see and I must say that unless those answers come back to me clearly … and once those answers come you will have to prosecute her for perverting the course of justice and I will carry this on for years if necessary because I've really had enough and I'll make it public, every inch of the way if you don't get this evidence that Heidi says exists that I've threatened to kill her son in a letter OK. And if the lawyer can't do this, then I'll carry on.
I spent hundreds of pounds on lawyers here in 1990 in London and they didn't get very far with the police. We got no information on this attempted rape. It was on file and I wasn't told until I found out in 1995 through my Bergen lawyer and my Bergen lawyer refused to go any further into the matter of attempted rape because he said Commander Krogvold in Bergen might re-open the case. So I said to my lawyer, Wesenberg - I have not attempted to rape the woman - go ahead and find the information and he refused.
DL. Is the case of rape a case in Bergen?
F. Yes, it was the Bergen police station [and I told him the story]
DL. But the case of rape, I have not the case. This is Bergen you have to …
F. Yes, I have contacted them and Commander Krogvold refuses to talk to me about it. Now my lawyer has written and told me "attempted rape". Torill Sorte is now telling me … Heidi has told her "rape".
DL. You can't discuss that case with me. You have to go to the police in Bergen.
F. Yeah, but Torill Sorte has already discussed the case with Heidi … but she said she couldn't remember [about the case in detail anymore] because the papers were now with you.
DL. I don't know if the paper about the rape is with me.
F. Well they should be because Torill Sorte told me they were. But anyway, I've got a long list of questions but you obviously won't answer them direct to me will you?
DL. Oh, I just want to answer a lawyer … and I don't want to discuss the evidence with you [or] your lawyer. I just can give him a copy of the paper in the case. I don't discuss the evidence.
F. Oh, you don't, so I can't even see the evidence?
DL. You can see what the police have but I won't discuss it with you.
F. Right OK. When my lawyer eventually contacts you, will you see fit to question Heidi about threats to kill her son, her neighbours, sexual harassment, obscene words, 400 obscene letters?
DL. As I said I will do it if I think it's necessary.
F. Can you tell me now?
DL. No, I can't, I don't have the paper.
F. OK. All right. Well I've tried to write to Heidi and any person who's right - if she's right - she can simply write back to me and say … this is a copy of the letter [in which] you threatened to kill my son; here are the names of the neighbours who you threatened to kill … and can simply write this like any normal person can, but don't start telling me I mustn't write to her because I want this information. It costs lots of money to use a lawyer and you're making me spend money - hundreds of pounds in phone calls and using lawyers just because of this lying woman. Now she's the one who's been in a psychiatric unit, not me. She's tried to kill herself twice; she's slept with someone taking heroin … now can't you see for God's sake that this woman is a liar? I may have told her to go to hell. I may have told her to drop dead. I may have told her she's a worthless piece of shit but any man would. So would you. If any woman threatened you like this I know you'd do the same, OK.
DL. I think what you are doing is not legal.
F. Is it legal and nice to say in the newspapers that I'm insane, that I've written 400 obscene letters; that I do obscene things in front of her making her watch; write obscene words on her door; threaten to kill her son, threaten to kill her neighbours and I'm "the Muslim man, the Muslim man" - every paragraph. You think that's legal as well do you? If you think I'm going to take this then you've gotta think again because I'm not.
F. All right. I shall have to spend a few hundred pounds more, no doubt, contacting a lawyer in Drammen and … first of all they'll want money and then they'll read the case; then they'll probably say they won't help me. And then I find another lawyer and on and on it goes. In the meantime, I will not stop making public Heidi's past - until the newspapers apologise on their front pages. Hm?
DL. I heard what you're saying.
F. OK. All right all the best and thanks for listening to me. And I shall - can I actually - the spelling of your name, your surname. It's - I know it's [pronounced] Lyngås but what's the er ["spelling", I was about to say].

DL. What are you going to use that for?
F. Well first of all I want to get it [the spelling] right, because I have to tell my Drammen lawyer.
DL. You can get my title - it's Assistant Chief of Police.
F. Don't worry, I'm not gonna make your name public.
DL. I'm not afraid about that.
F. No, that's OK, I won't do that. You're at which police station?
DL. Drammen [and he gave me the address].
F. All right, I'll get down to getting in touch with yet another lawyer and if the answers come out then maybe we'll get somewhere, but we'll have to wait and see how things go. All right, thanks very much.
DL. Goodbye.
F. Goodbye.