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Heidi Schøne ... did she encourage Anders Breivik to commit mass-murder on 22/7? She was the figurehead for the Norwegian Press anti-Muslim hate campaign from 1995-2006 in 21 front-page articles.

Breivik must have read them. Judge for yourselves. Read the Norway Shockers story ...

How to teach Norway - and particularly the Norwegian Press - a damn good lesson. One they would never forget. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine! Very 'eavy, but very 'umble.

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Norway Shockers.
Anders Behring Breivik and the Lincoln's Inn Solicitor: Brentwood Solutions Limited.

Abhorrance of the outsider 1995 - 2006:-

Vergeløs mot 13 års forfølgelse

Bergens Tidende - 24th May 1995

English Translation

This article from 1995 is in Norwegian but reference is made 19 times to the 'Muslim' man, associating him with sexual perversion and mental illness. The woman interviewed is in fact a mental patient herself having been treated at the BSS Psychiatric Clinic near Drammen.

The 'Muslim man' story continued:-

13 års SEX-terror

VG - 26th May 1995

English Translation


Trakassert og forfulgt i 13 år

Drammens Tidende - 27th May 1995

English Translation


Blir ikke kvitt sex-gal engelskmann

Verdens Gang - 7th July 1998

English Translation


Sex-trakassert i 16 år

Drammens Tidende - 14th July 1998

English Translation


Haper statsadvokaten kan stoppe marerittet

Drammens Tidende - 5th October 1998

English Translation


Trakassert og forfulgt - saken stilles i bero

Drammens Tidende - 8th December 1998

English Translation


Kom for a kreve penger - ble bøtelagt

Drammens Tidende - 26th August 2000

English Translation


Bot for grov sexterror

Drammens Tidende - 16th November 2001

English Translation



English Translation


Conversation between plaintiff and journalist

Mrs Reidun J. Samuelsen on 10th April 2002.



Britisk Muslim Sjikanerer norsk kvinne pa nettet

Aftenposten - 15th April 2002

English Translation


Slik kan nettsjikane stanses

Aftenposten - 15th April 2002

English Translation


Saksøker pågrepet i retten

Drammens Tidende 26th October 2003

English Translation



Blir ikke kvitt

Blir ikke kvitt sex-gal engelskmann

Oppdatert 25. februar 2003


Forkastet ærekrenkelse-anke

Drammens Tidende 18th November 2003

English Translation


Sexjages av gal brite

Dagbladet, 20th December 2005

English Translation



Jaget av SEX-GAL mann i 23 år

Dagbladet, 21st December 2005

English Translation


Emails received in response from Norway


Fortsetter trakassering av politikvinne

11th January 2006

English Translation



Engelskmann sjikanerer politikvinne

NRK.no 13th June 2006

English Translation



Sjikanerer politikvinne

dt.no 14th June 2006

Full Norwegian language version


English Translation



Chief of Police exposed online

Oppland Arbeiderblad - 20 September 2011


Online harassment

Oppland Arbeiderblad - 21 September 2011