Too hot to handle? See what happens when our Freddy, a London lawyer, becomes Public enemy No. 1 in Norway.

Solicitor Frederick Delaware risks his career to expose establishment duplicity in Norway where rampant xenophobia and bigotry subvert the rule of law. Norway – A Triumph in Bigotry explodes the myth that Norway is a bastion of fair play and even handedness.

Rather that it is an isolated, excluded country, which, when the need arises, uses sex and psychiatry on an industrial scale to pervert the course of justice.

The advent of Anders Behring Breivik provided ample vindication for Delaware’s stance. Breivik’s timing was impeccable as it coincided with the saga’s finale at the Royal Courts of Justice in London: enter one Mrs Justice Sharp.

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Message for Anders Behring Breivik: If you have an ebook device then read these books (Red Covers). You will discover that you had more friends in establishment Norway than you ever imagined.