Norway’s most popular newspaper, Aftenposten, has described Norway as the world leader in casual sex and one-night stands and proclaimed that ‘Young, sex-happy Norwegians are the quickest to hop into bed with casual conquests’.

On the last day of his trial on 22 June 2012 Norway’s Muslim-hating mass killer Anders Behring Breivik told the Court:

“The ideal is to have sex with as many strangers

as possible. Rather than to idealize the nuclear family, that was the emphasis in Europe until the mid-sixties, we focus on dissolving the nuclear family

with all the problems it brings with it… This is a sickness. These sick ideals must be censored and kept away from our society.”

Author and London solicitor Frederick Delaware digs deep into Norway’s free-wheeling sexual bonanza over a thirty year period which resulted in him being branded Norway’s first ever ‘sex-terrorist’. Fact had become fiction and fiction had become fact.

Get ready for Norway Shockers…

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Message for Anders Behring Breivik: If you have an ebook device then read these books (Red Covers). You will discover that you had more friends in establishment Norway than you ever imagined.