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norway newsclipsThere's an old British saying: ‘Today's newspapers are tomorrow's fish and chip paper'.

Probably an adage used the world over. Many of the stories and articles in the press are, however, frequently invaluable sources of information. Expert opinion ...

With a great amount of research behind them. Written by leading figures. The subject matter always embraces politics, religion, finance, morality (or a lack of it), football and sexual misdemeanour. Some stories, on the other hand, are way off the mark and often written by reporters with an axe to grind.In our case this book compares newsclips mostly from the Norwegian and English press over the last twenty five years or so. Norway is to most people a mountainous, sparsely populated country with oil - and well off the beaten track. The last time the Norwegians faced great danger was when Hitler invaded the country in 1940. It didn't stop thousands of Norwegian girls sleeping with the German soldiers though. Later, when the tide turned, the resulting offspring were called the “German whore children" who were, not infrequently, thoroughly abused. Small countries are usually very homogenous in thought and deed, especially when the populace is of the same race. As is the case with Norway. In 2011 there came on the scene one Anders Behring Breivik – the next worst thing to Adolf Hitler in deed ... but not in thought. For although he blew up government offices in Oslo on 22 July 2011 and proceeded to drive unhindered to Utøya Island and shoot dead 69 youths at a Labour Party seminary, his political thinking and related ideas were generally well received by the majority of Norwegians. For his abiding passion in life was to hate Muslims and in parallel to love Slobodan Milošević, Radovan Karadžić and Ratko Mladić, who advocated the ethnic cleansing of Muslims from the Serb populated areas of Bosnia in the former Yugoslavia. In Anders Breivik's case he reasoned that the Norwegian political establishment's ruling Labour Party had to be punished for letting too many Muslim immigrants in to Norway. He decided to kill the next generation of Labour Party leaders at their annual Summer get- together: the kids on Utøya island. But what Commander Breivik (as he liked to be known) did not understand was that the establishment he so despised were closer to him in thought than he realised.34Readers will find that what the Norwegian newspapers wrote on Muslims in the decade before Anders Breivik came to prominence would never be entertained by the British Press. You can't call your English ‘victim’ the ‘Muslim man’ nineteen times in one article, as the Bergens Tidende newspaper did on 24 May 1995. Indeed, the Metropolitan Police told the author that any British newspaper would be prosecuted if they printed likewise. There were not too many Muslims in Norway in the 1990’s to protest. This is changing now, so the Norwegian establishment and their xenophobic mouthpiece, the Norwegian Press, are more wary now of causing offence. The Norway Shockers books that must be read in conjunction with this newsclips edition will altogether demonstrate why far-right quasi-racist journalists dominated the Norwegian Press and certainly encouraged Anders Breivik to think and eventually act as he did. He was undoubtedly egged on by the frequently virulent Muslim-hating Norwegian Press whose owners were often no better than their Serb colleagues in 1990’s Yugoslavia.The Norwegian government for the years 1995 to 2011 supported their Press when sued on the more hateful articles highlighted in this book. Until the very week of Breivik's day of action. After that it all changed, or so it seemed. These mainstream hypocrites were taught a self-inflicted lesson. Norway learnt the hard way.As Friedrich Nietzsche once said: “The State does not lend towards the truth, but only toward useful truth – more precisely, whatever is useful to the State, be it truth, half-truth or lies".

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A-ha! Norwegian Study Centre, York

Dr Terry HathawayDr Terry Hathaway (pictured) is a lecturer at the Norwegian Study Centre which is part of the University of York.

The Centre was created, we are told, by the Norwegian government. Dr Hathaway is extremely keen to point out on Twitter that Frederick Delaware's book is not worth looking at, when he says:

'Flicking through this book, it is definitely a case of "Everyone has a book in them but in most cases that's where it should stay" '.

If so then why not just keep quiet?

The book, in fact, is very critical of Dr Hathaway's paymasters: the Norwegian government - and also exposes the very partisan legal system in Norway and is written by a London solicitor.

Presumably Dr Hathaway condones emails directed at the solicitor such as: 'Go fuck Allah the camel' and 'When you eat pigs do you lick the pig's arsehole clean before digging in?'

Well Dr Hathaway if you want to review a book read the whole thing and don't just 'flick' through it. What an ********! We guess the Norwegian government put you up to your stunt, eh?'

Norway Shockers - Newsclips

Norway Shockers - Newsclips



Message for Anders Behring Breivik: If you have an ebook device then read these books (Red Covers). You will discover that you had more friends in establishment Norwayred book than you ever imagined.