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Heidi Schøne ... did she encourage Anders Breivik to commit mass-murder on 22/7? She was the figurehead for the Norwegian Press anti-Muslim hate campaign from 1995-2006 in 21 front-page articles.

Breivik must have read them. Judge for yourselves. Read the Norway Shockers story ...

Hate-crime complaint enquiry from Lincoln's Inn Law firm dismissed with barely concealed contempt by Ministry of Justice in Norway

How to teach Norway - and particularly the Norwegian Press - a damn good lesson. One they would never forget. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine! Very 'eavy, but very 'umble.

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Norway Shockers.
Anders Behring Breivik and the Lincoln's Inn Solicitor: Brentwood Solutions Limited.

Drammens Tidende 14/07/1998


For 16 years Heidi Schøne from Solbergelva has been pestered and followed by a mentally ill Englishman. In only the last year the man has sent more than 300 letters to Heidi and made numerous phone calls

The Muslim man has been obsessed by Heidi Schøne (34) since she was 18 years old. His long time pestering of Heidi and her family has been a huge strain. DT-BB first covered this case three years ago. Still, the family is being badgered by the same man.
Want to be left alone
"All we want is to be left alone. This man is very ill and his countless letters and phone calls put an enormous strain on us all" says Heidi's husband Runar Schøne. For years the Schønes have been living with a string of secret phone numbers and addresses, but each time the man manages to find them and the terror continues until they manage to hide themselves away again.
In the course of the 16 years this man has sent out many "reports" to Heidi's family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and a number of strangers. These reports are grossly defamatory and the information listed has no basis in reality. Once again, many people from Drammen have received "reports" about Heidi in their mail box. The reports are modelled like answers for questionnaires from Drammens Tidende, VG and Bergens Tidende, but none of the newspapers mentioned have ever asked for such a report.
Extreme evil
"I do not know who Heidi Schøne is and I didn't understand anything when I opened the envelope containing pictures of Heidi Schøne and her husband together with revelations of filth, I have never seen the likes of. It must be awful for the Schøne family to be exposed to something like that. The entire letter reeks of extreme evil" says Per Leiblein from Konnerud who received a letter on Monday.
The harassment has been reported to the police. Nedre Eiker Constabulary has been investigating this case for three years.
No extradition
The problem is that the circumstances this man is being charged for are not enough to have him extradited from England. He has on the other hand been clearly told that he will be arrested if he comes to Norway, says local policewoman Torill Sorte Kjennås at Nedre Eiker Constabulary.
Screening Mail
To protect Heidi and her family, all their mail is screened at the Constabulary. So far this year Sorte Kjennås and her colleagues have dealt with more than 300 letters from the man. The family has got a secret phone number, and Telenor have been notified by the police that the number is confidential and is not to be given out to anyone, no matter what the circumstances. The family's address is secret and is barred from disclosure by the National Registration Office (Folkeregistret).
"In spite of all this the man has nevertheless managed to trace us down a couple of times, and when he does, the phone terror starts again. The man spends all his time tracking Heidi and passes himself off as different persons in order to get hold of our number," says Runar Schøne. The man has previously threatened neighbours of the family with lethal force to know where they have moved.
Drank tea together
Heidi Schøne met the Muslim man when at the age of 18 she was in England as an au pair. She regarded the man as a friend and drank tea with him on a couple of occasions. They have never had any relationship, but for 16 years the Englishman has been obsessed by the idea of marrying Heidi. For a long period he hired a private investigator to follow Heidi's every move. The harassment increased nine years ago when Heidi got married.
Psychiatrists believe the Englishman suffers from an extreme case of erotic paranoia.
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For years Heidi Schøne and her family have lived with a number of secret phone numbers and secret addresses. But a mentally ill Englishman has time and time again traced their address and is sending harassing letters.