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Aftenposten 15 April 2002
Started after an au pair job 20 years ago
British Muslim terrorises Norwegian woman on the Internet

For 17 years an Englishman has terrorised a woman from the Drammen area. Now he has begun to use the Internet. "He has taken many years of my life," she says.

By Reidun J. Samuelsen

Intimate details. The women first became acquainted with the Brit when she was an au pair in England around 20 years ago.

Although they have never had a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship, he nevertheless urged her to convert to Islam in order to marry him during a visit he made to Norway three years later. She refused, and that was when it all started. Since then he has threatened her directly and spread erroneous information about her over the telephone and by means of letters.

"He has made this his goal in life. He regards me as a despicable and worthless person. Yet at the same time he is obsessed with me," she says.

The Englishman has sent out e-mails in which recipients are urged to read the web pages he has created. In addition, he has faxed the same message to people who live near the 38-year-old woman. His intention has been to get as many people as possible to visit the web pages where the woman is described in strong terms.

She is accused of being mentally unstable and of having lived a wild life. The Englishman lists her previous relationships, regularly citing intimate details. Everything is richly illustrated with photographs of the 38-year-old. He also makes a point of the fact that the woman is alleged to have had an abortion.

The title of the e-mail that has been issued is "Censured" Pictures of Aborted Foetuses.

"It's been terrible, and my self-confidence has taken a beating. At times I have feared for my life," says the woman.

The long period of harassment has taken its toll on the woman.

New report to the police
According to the Englishman, the woman has made incorrect allegations against him, both to the police and to the media. He says he has posted the information about her on the internet so that people can hear his side of the story.

In January of this year he was convicted of defamatory behaviour towards the woman, for which he was fined NOK 10,000. It was in the wake of this case that he began in earnest to use the internet to spread his campaign of harassment, which resulted in the 38-year-old reporting him to the police once again. Police officer Torill Sorte of Nedre Eiker Police Force, who was a witness in the case in January, has also reported the Englishman.

"We hope to bring a new case against him," says Ms Sorte.

She has been profiled on the web pages with her full name and address, and has been accused of making false statements in court.

"Actions of this nature require a reaction," says Torill Sorte. She is interested in receiving copies of e-mails and faxes that the man has spread.

Aftenposten 15 April 2002
Updated: 15 April 2002 00:13