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Video of Anders Breivik blowing up Ministry of Justice building in Oslo on 22 July 2011

There was a chance all this carnage in Oslo, immediately followed by Breivik shooting dead 69 youths on Utøya Island, could have been avoided if Minister of Justice & Police, Knut Storberget, had taken proper action after he was given notice of the vile emails sent from Norway to former Lincoln's Inn Solicitor Farid El Diwany on 20 December 2005 following Islamophobic articles by Dagbladet newspaper on "half-Arab Muslim man" Farid El Diwany. Those emails, declared a hate-crime by the British Police and referred to Interpol Norway AND also sent on to Minister Knut Storberget, were then ignored with no action taken or investigation as to who sent the emails to Farid El Diwany. Knut Storberget did give the complaint the Ministerial Reference no. 13113 in January 2006, but his officials then forgot about it and covered up after several chasing enquiries by Mr El Diwany. Still, Storberget himself should have kept his eye on the ball: did Anders Breivik send one of those emails to Mr El Diwany? Maybe, maybe not ... but the Norwegian Police refused to say if they'd asked Breivik. IF Breivik had sent one of those emails then he just may have been apprehended at the time and ear-marked as an Islamophobe, long before his day of action. Trouble is ... the Norwegians despise Islam. Just look at Hege Storhaug's efforts to demonise the religion.

We have little doubt that the 1995-2006 Norwegian Press articles, relying on fabricated information from registered Norwegian mental patient Heidi Schøne, surely persuaded Anders Breivik to hate Muslims even more. VG, Aftenposten, Dagbladet, Bergens Tidende and Drammens Tidende wrote articles which would be regarded as hate-crimes in Britain. Knut Storberget let them pass the censor. The Norwegian Ministry of Justice even oversaw the criminal prosecution of Farid El Diwany in 2001 and 2003 in Norway for his corrective 'Press Releases' and website highlighting Norwegian Islamophobia. They called it 'harassment'. In 2011 the Ministry of Justice and Police, Norway in High Court litigation in London in 2011 defended calling Mr El Diwany "clearly mentally unstable" after he blamed Police Sergeant Torill Sorte for being the catalyst for the emails being sent to him by her fabricated comments to Dagbladet. Ironically in the same week as Mrs Justice Sharp handed down her judgment in July 2011 Anders Breivik blew up Mr El Diwany's Courtroom opponents - the Ministry of Justice in Oslo, with their lawyer, Christian Reusch - acting against Mr El Diwany - being on sick-leave for the next 16 months.

The Norwegian Police Directorate in 2019 finally accepted that Torill Sorte was a liar, but that the 5 year time limit had passed for a criminal prosecution for bringing the Norwegian Police Service into disrepute. How convenient! The Norwegian Press reporting prior to 22/7 was a major contributory factor in Breivik's hatred of Muslims. And what a price they paid! Mr El Diwany's sworn enemy, Verdens Gang newspaper, was also blown up by Commander Breivik.