How to teach Norway - and particularly the Norwegian Press - a damn good lesson. One they would never forget. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine! Very 'eavy, but very 'umble.

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Norway Shockers.
Anders Behring Breivik and the Lincoln's Inn Solicitor: Brentwood Solutions Limited.

Protecting and nourishing perversion; clever manipulators from this isolated corner of Europe.

Harald Vikøyr

Haakon B. Schrøder

Kjell M. Børringbo

Lars Arntzen

Reidun J. Samuelsen


Vegard Aaløkken:
abnormal erotic fixations


Agnar A. Nilsen Jr.:
unstable sexual logic

roy hansen
Roy Hansen:
dark abuser

Heidi Schone2
Heidi Schøne:
sexualised pervert


ingunn hodne

Ingunn Hodne 

runar schoneRunar Schøne:
"Come to Jesus, Allah doesn't exist"

marianne djupesland

Marianne Djupesland

christian reusch

Christian Reusch


knut storberget

Knut Storberget:
"What Muslims?"

anders stilloff

Anders Stilloff:
deviant sexual methodology


Johan Martin Welhaven
- the biggest bastard of them all.

Chief of Police exposed online - CLICK HERE



Knut Olav Åmås
This TWISTED SISTER is to Journalism and Politics what paedophiles are to Child Welfare: a Sick Mutha F**ker (SMF), along with his TWISTED SISTER Ayaan Hirsi Ali.


Inbreeding in Norway produces these defectives. Isolated and easily persuaded misfits. Many of them encouraged Anders Breivik to hate Muslims by their hateful discourses and to commit mass-murder on 22 July 2011.