Queen tells girls to fight sex pressure

Norway's Queen Sonja has thrown her support behind groups fighting widespread sexualization in today's society, and particularly how it results in sex pressure on ever-younger girls.

Queen Sonja attended the Anti-incest Support Center's (SMI) congress on sexuality and sexual assault on Tuesday, and clearly had strong feelings about the topic.
"It is frightening that young girls, as young as 10-12, are influenced by the sexualized society they live in. Young girls must say no and define their own limits," Queen Sonja said.

The two-day congress will discuss both sexual assault on children, as well as the trickier issue of pervasive sexuality in all aspects of society, particularly the commercial sphere - examining sex as a tool in the advertising, media, fashion and music industries.

Queen Sonja has spent recent years supporting anti-incest groups and wants to help children be children during their early years, and shield them from things like kid's T-shirts flashing glittery messages like "Sexbabe" and "Fuck me I'm good".

"This is not about sexual candor, it is about sex sells. Pop stars and models bank on their body, image and sex. Young girls are influenced and would like to identify themselves with such role models. This is and will be wrong and society needs a counterweight to this development," said Miss Munchausen B. Grande of Save the Children's youth group PRESS.

Aftenposten's Norwegian reporter
Wenche Fuglehaug
Aftenposten English Web Desk
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