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breivik frontMuslim-hater and mass murderer Breivik had many admirers of his views (if not actions) - and still does - in mainstream establishment Norway.



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Erling Haaland of Manchester City and Norway's Heidi Schøne

 Erling Haaland s

Norway's Erling Haaland signs for the Muslims ... Manchester City. How the many Muslim-haters in Norway must be seething! Ha! Haaland will very much enjoy this Norway Shockers website, exposing the rampant Islamophobia in Norwegian society which eventually led to the Anders Behring Breivik own goal.

Kamilla Silseth

kamilla silsethKamilla Silseth is a Norwegian lawyer and a partner at the firm of Schjødt. She doubles up as an adjudicator on the Criminal Cases Review Commission in Norway. What is not so well known is that Ms Silseth is an apologist for the far-right views (but not actions) of Anders Behring Breivik. She is an Islamophobic bigot who condones, excuses and ignores rampant Norwegian far-right expressions of hatred for the Muslim ideal. Kamilla Silseth is yet another example of inbreeding in retrenched Norway. She is poison.

HeidiSchonne fc   

Heidi Schøne ... did she encourage Anders Breivik to commit mass-murder on 22/7? She was the figurehead for the Norwegian Press anti-Muslim hate campaign from 1995-2006 in 21 front-page articles.

Breivik must have read them. Judge for yourselves. Read the Norway Shockers story ...

In April 2024 Heidi Schøne contacted Farid El Diwany and expressed her deep and sincere regret at her behaviour. The pair are now the best of friends.

Ole's Norway Shockers! Six and sin. The very best of naughty Norway. 




Former Lincoln's Inn Solicitor, Mr F.El D., once of 14 Old Square, London WC2 has some advice for Marcus Rashford in this personal message of 2 February 2021:

Dear Marcus,

I see it's business as usual regarding the racist abuse you (and your fellow professionals) are receiving. With the Police investigating ... again. Your Norwegian manager, Ole Gunnar Solsjær, expresses his disgust on the BBC on Tuesday 2 February 2021 at the vile comments coming your way on social media.

Ironic, in a way! The Essex Police have been trying for the last 15 years, repeat: 15 years, (I kid you not), to get the co-operation of the Norwegian Police into investigating the origin of emails coming my way in 2005 from Norway saying: 'Going to FUCK your mother. She like WHITE man' - 'Go fuck Allah the Camel' - 'When you eat pigs do you lick the pig's arsehole clean before digging in?' - 'Take out your willy, that is your mangled penis and shove it up a pig's arse, maybe you'll get some weird looking kids. I seriously doubt that anything other than a pig will take your semen' - 'I was once a Muslim. But when I realised that [the Prophet] Muhammed couldn't be anything else than a confused paedophile, I knew that a true God would never speak to such a looney. The only humane thing to do is put a gun to your head and pull the trigger' - 'You Arab pigswine pervert' - 'Are you by chance a Catholic priest and did your daddy touch your penis? Did someone touch your bum bum in the mental ward? I eat foetuses for breakfast.' and more besides. The BBC were not interested in interviewing me, the little man, after I wrote in to them.

All I did was criticise the Norwegian legal system and procedures on social media. The Norwegian Police know who caused the emails to be sent to me - one Torill Sorte by her comments in the Norwegian Press, but will not even interview her, much to the consternation of my former M.P Lord Pickles who tried very hard to help me.

The Norwegian Minister of Justice & Police, Mr Knut Storberget, in 2005 gave my complaint the Ministerial Reference number 13113. He then left it to his staff to further the investigation. They swept it under the carpet and did nothing. On 22 July 2011 the Ministry of Justice & Police building was blown up by Muslim-hater Anders Behring Breivik who proceeded to drive on and shoot dead 69 kids on Utøya island at a Labour Party summer camp - he blamed Knut Storberget's Labour Party government for letting in too many Muslim immigrants in to Norway, so decided to murder the next generation of Labour Party leaders. After the funerals Minister Knut Storberget resigned. I had warned him in 2005. The Norwegian Police have refused to tell me if Breivik sent me one of the hate-emails.

Anders Breivik's public STILL admire his views, if not his actions! The Norwegian Government fund the Norwegian Human Rights Service - which published a book recently called: 'Islam: the Eleventh Plague'. Post-Breivik! What will your colleague Paul Pogba, a Muslim, think of that I wonder? Indeed, what will my Egyptian compatriot Mohammad Salah at Liverpool think? Or Sadio Mané? And his fellow Muslims Tanguy Ndombele and Serge Aurier at Tottenham?

The most ASTONISHING thing is that when, after six years, I manage to sue the Norwegian malfeaser, Torill Sorte, (who was the catalyst for the hate-emails being sent to me), at the Royal Courts of Justice in London in 2011 and which emails were read out to the judge, Mrs Justice Victoria Sharp, in the full expectation of getting them condemned, the honourable judge said nothing - in court or in her judgment. Instead, she ruled that I was "harassing" Torill Sorte for calling her a liar and could not sue her in the U.K due to State Immunity and the fact that I couldn't come up with sufficient numbers of people who had read the libel. You couldn't make it up! The Lord Chief Justice, Sir Ian Burnett and the Lord Chancellor, Robert Buckland Q.C refused to criticise Mrs Justice Sharp or get involved. The Judicial Conduct Rules STILL, a decade later, permit a judge to condone such filth as part of their unimpeachable 'judicial discretion'. (Read: protecting the reputation of a 'friendly' foreign government Ministry by covering up). It seems then that I deserved the hate-emails, declared a hate-crime by the Essex Police in 2006 and referred to Interpol. Mrs Justice Sharp is a bigot and ought to be made to resign. She has no place in the judiciary.

So Marcus, regarding your desire to see ENFORCEMENT of the law regarding the punishment of offenders for racist and quasi-racist hate-crime see what the establishment do in practice to the little people. Cover up, when it suits them! Good luck dear fellow!

Best wishes,

This website is edited by a former Lincoln's Inn Solicitor. Its contents relate to Libel, Conflict of Laws, State Immunity plus Equality of Arms in a foreign jurisdiction.

Sorte Press Release

For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ.

II Corinthians 11:13

Heidi Schøne and Police Sergeant Torill Sorte were fantasist abusers; the Spesialenheten now tacitly accept they were pathological liars. These women were responsible for the sick abuse which Dagbladet foisted on London Solicitor 'Freddy' in 2005. Freddy immediately contacted Minister of Justice Knut Storberget - whose staff then covered up the scandal. IF Anders Breivik had sent Freddy one of those vile emails in 2005 (classed as a hate crime by the British Police) then maybe, just maybe, if he'd been apprehended at the time, Anders Breivik could have been stopped from killing so many innocent people in 2011. But the Norwegian establishment's own xenophobia prevented them taking any notice of the Brit's warning. It was Dagbladet, Verdens Gang, Aftenposten, Bergens Tidende and Drammens Tidende newspapers' hateful discourse from 1995 onwards - relying on Schøne and Sorte - that surely encouraged Anders Breivik to kill. To this day the Norwegian Police will not co-operate with the British Police in investigating the senders of the emails.

How to teach Norway - and particularly the Norwegian Press - a damn good lesson. One they would never forget. Give 'em a taste of their own medicine! Very 'eavy, but very 'umble.

norway flag

Norway Shockers.
Anders Behring Breivik and the Lincoln's Inn Solicitor: Brentwood Solutions Limited.

New Statesman - 1 August 2011

False claims about Muslims are fuelling Islamophobia in Europe, says Andreas Malm

There is nothing particularly Norwegian about Anders Behring Breivik’s manifesto, 2083: a European Declaration of Independence. It is a bulky précis of all the standard tropes in Islamophobic ideology that have evolved in Europe over the past decade. Its plagiarism — the enormous excerpts from authors such as Melanie Phillips, Roger Scruton, Daniel Pipes, Bruce Bawer, Robert Spencer, Bat Ye’or, Mark Steyn, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and, above all, the Norwegian blogger Fjordman — show how standardised right-wing thought has become. It also points to a disconcerting conclusion: these events could have happened anywhere in Europe.

Breivik’s concerns about “Islamisation” are typical of those expressed by European tabloids and politicians. He has familiar worries about Muslims establishing no-go areas in cities, sharia courts, swimming pools with Muslim- only sessions, the contradiction between Islam and freedom of speech, the all- Muslim duty to perform jihad and the anti-Semitic inclinations of Muslim communities. And he wants to draw a line. “The veil should be banned in all public institutions, thus also contributing to breaking the traditional subjugation of women,” he writes in 2083. “Companies and public buildings should not be forced to build prayer rooms for Muslims. Enact laws to eliminate the abuse of family reunification laws.”

What strikes the reader of Breivik’s work is its terrible normality. At least the first 6o pages, up to the initial musings on military tactics, could be found in your average European book-shop, or in articles written by well-regarded politicians and intellectuals. Despite this, the denial of the Nordic media has not ceased. Norwegian and Swedish readers are now being told that Breivik has merely copied the “Unabomber” (the loner Ted Kaczynski, who sent a series of mail bombs in the US between 1978 and 1995). Does anyone in the Nordic countries even remember the Unabomber? How far are we willing to go to avoid looking in the mirror?

While much of what Breivik has to say is the staple of mainstream right-of- centre discourse, some of it is distinctly fascist. But this is a coherent and successful brand of fascism whose core tenet is the belief in “Eurabia”. The thesis of Eurabia is that Muslim countries, using the oil embargo of the early 1970s to blackmail the European Community, forced our treacherous politicians to hand over power. Ever since, it claims, we have been ruled by a secret Muslim conspiracy intent on transforming Europe into a colony— Eurabia —where we, the native Europeans, are subjugated. The Egyptian-born British writer Bat Ye’or is the author of the Eurabia doctrine, but the far-right Sweden Democrats and the Danish People’s Party echo her ideas.

Neither the denial of global warming nor the virulent anti-feminism is an invention of Breivik’s. And his hatred of Marxism, real and imaginary — the strand of thought that eventually led him to Utøya — places him in an almost century-long tradition.

Yet didn’t Breivik leave all other Islamophobes far behind him when he contemplated murder? We hear, even from experts on the Nordic extreme right, that violence and terrorism are inherent to neo-Nazi groups, but alien to well- dressed Islamophobic populists. Once more, the disclaimers are almost as revelatory as the 22 July atrocity. In recognising the non-violent, parliamentary, well-mannered nature of modern European Islamophobia, we have — even if disagreeing with it— failed to trace its roots and keep track of its development.

The world of Islamophobic ideas is permeated with military imagery and language. Muslims are conquerors, colonisers, occupiers. Mosques and minarets are their victory monuments. The history of Islam is a long series of onslaughts on Christian civilisation, which defended itself at Poitiers in the 8th century and Vienna in the 16th and now has to rise to the occasion again; we are the descendants of Charlemagne. Our nations are being betrayed, a war is being fought against us — and the time has come to fight back. From the Danish commentator Lars Hedegaard to the Italian Lega Nord, from the Swedish politician Jimmie Akesson to the German politician Thilo Sarrazin, this is the mantra. Breivik’s originality is merely in acting it out.

Serbian brothers

At the end of 2083, Breivik answers a series of questions he imagines a reporter would want to ask him. “What tipped the scales for you? What single event made you decide you wanted to continue planning and moving on with the assault?” Answer: “For me, personally, it was my government’s involvement in the attacks on Serbia [Nato bombings in 1999] several years back. It was completely unacceptable how the US and western European regimes bombed our Serbian brothers. All they wanted was to drive Islam out by deporting the Albanian Muslims back to Albania.”

Breivik’s obsession with the Serbs’ struggle against Muslim intruders, his praise for the Serbian politician Radovan Karadzic as an “honourable crusader” and a “war hero”, his vision of Arkan’s paramilitary brigade as a model for his “resistance” are all symptomatic. The ideas of today’s Islamophobic right were put into practice in the Balkans in the 1990s, in the most recent genocide on European soil. There is a straight line running from Srebrenica to Utøya. The military leader Ratko Mladic burned with the same fire as Anders Behring Breivik. The only difference is that Breivik targeted the “traitors” rather than the “conquerors”.

Andreas Malm is a journalist and the author of books in Swedish on European Islamophobia



Message for Anders Behring Breivik: If you have an ebook device then read these books (Red Covers). You will discover that you had more friends in establishment Norwayred book than you ever imagined.